Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Monster Legends Farm Hack 12 June 2013 12/6

What you need:
Cheat Engine 6.2 (Download Link if you need)

1.) Launch Monster Legends on Firefox.
2.) Start Cheat Engine and attach to firefox (flashplayerplugin.exe)2nd one or plugincontainer.exe
3.) Change value type to string and scan FARM (All letters must be upper case/Cap locked)
4.) Select all addresses and click on the red arrow
5.) Change all values to INFINITE (All letters must be upper case/Cap locked)
6.) Place all the farms you have into your storage (Put in store.)
7.) Now buy a new farm.
8.) Put the new farm in storage (Important or the game will bug)
9.) Repeat step 7-8 until you are happy.
10.) Refresh the game.
11.) After refresh, scan FARM again
12.) Change all the values to INFINITE again!
13.) Now go to your storage and now you can place ALL the farms you have in your storgae.
14.) After you placed all your farms, refresh game and enjoy!

6 farms at lvl3

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