Monday, 17 June 2013

Tetris Coin and Cash Hack Updated 18/6

What you need:
Any browser.
(no cheat engine required)

1.) Launch Tetris Battle on your browser.
2.) Go to tbc.tetrisfb.com and leave the tab open.
Note* You MUST see this page (exactly the same) or else you will have to refresh until you see it.

3.) Now go to tooltetris.tk and click "Open Coin Hack Tetris Battle"
4.) Go back to other tab (the tetris page.)
5.) Right click on the empty area and click view page source.
6.) A new page will be opened. Press Ctrl+A to select everything. Right click and select copy.
7.) Paste the source code on the tooltetris.tk page and click submit.
8.) Now you should see something like this:

9.) Enter the desired coin value you want to add to your account e.g 20000 and press submit.
10.) Now go back to your Tetris tab and refresh the game, the coin will be added slowly so be patient.
11.) You can do the same for cash, just follow the steps above again and click on "Open Cash Hack Tetris Battle" on tooltetris.tk instead of "Open Coin Hack Tetris Battle."

Video Tutorial for those who have trouble with this hack:

Tetris Hack 6/2 by f1490053171

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